New Earth Meditation International


Roisin Eve and Karin present the New Earth.
In this transition phase, in which we stand for further months, these meditations with their high energy frequencies are a great grace to support us all.
Roisin Eve expresses our world is changing and so must we as new frequencies of golden light flow through the earthly plane.
We as human beings are experiencing powerful energetic waves through our body, mind and spirit. The Golden age of Aquarius is birthing.
We have to prepare our bodies on all levels. New light vibrations can be very challenging, frightening and confusing for people to process and integrate into their lives. Change can be fearful.

NEW EARTH Meditationszyklus ONLINE-LIVE

On Mondays: 22./29. June, 6.13./20./27. July 2020

Attention please:
Times: ASIA: 8-10pm
EUROPA: CEST 14-16.00 hrs
GB/IRELAND: 13-15.00 hrs

via Zoom Link between IM LICHTRAUM, Dornach, Schweiz and Rainbow Lighthouse, Dromore, Nordirland

The 6 week classes held with Karin and Roisin Eve are to support our minds and emotions, to build trust, faith and patience.
Covering spiritual conversations, light discussion and questions, supporting you into a deeper understanding of what is occurring around and within, as we transform old states of being into the New Earth at this great time of Light. There will also be a one hour, deep energy meditation with Roisin Eve sealing the energy.

The classes are a set of six, held on Mondays. You can book full course and if you need to, you can pay in two halves.
If you cannot connect to all six sessions, Roisin Eve will enter you energetically and you will be sent the class's recording of the session you missed by email.

Fee: Complete set of six classes: CHF 540.- p.person

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